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We are building the world's most loved Like-Minded Living brand.

Investing in Like-Minded Living offers premium returns

Why Bunking Ventures?

Bunking Ventures specializes in offering Like-Minded Living accommodations which are curated to specific individuals, groups or communities of like-minded people in destination locations across the globe. Currently, on a mission to acquire one billion in real estate over the next five years, Bunking Ventures believes that it is well positioned to offer premium returns on investment to all our Investors, and Joint Venture Partners. 


Our parent company, offers a unique shared living marketplace that attracts, sources, curates, and manages groups of like-minded communities. In building these communities of like-minded groups we gain insights into high-demand destinations and like-minded interests for Bunking Ventures to leverage in keeping accommodations full and guests delighted


Bunking Ventures offers several investment opportunities, including Joint Ventures, Partnerships and Equity Investments across our active portfolios. As the working partner, our team takes care of sourcing, vetting, and financing investment properties. Bunking Ventures is also responsible for all day-to-day management including tenant placement, property management, renovations, maintenance, etc. We provide you with regular financial reports, transparent accounting, and regular check-in meetings so you feel confident in your investment.

We have the technology can connect, verify, book, and manage guests looking for Like-Minded Living accomodations around the world. 

We have the community

Our social network attracts individuals drawn to the Like-Minded Living lifestyle. We leverage this community to keep locations full. 

We do all the work

Bunking Ventures is responsible for the sourcing, acquisition, financing, and guest/property management. 

Partner occupancy possibility

Option for venture partners to occupy the space

when available, allocated on ownership percentage.


Initial Like-Minded Target Groups


Individuals that live or travel solo, and would like to connect with groups of Like-Minded people.


55+ solo, couples or groups looking to connect with others of similar interests.


Providing safe and Like-Minded accomodiations for women only. 

32 - 38% Increase 

A recent survey by CBRE reveals shared living provides significant premiums of 32 - 38% per square foot compared to traditional renting.

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