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Are you Booking a Vacay with Friends? Here are 5 Things to Keep in Mind:

Experiencing a new culture or embarking on an epic adventure halfway around the world with your closest group of friends sounds like a dream but have you taken everyone’s preferences, personalities, and plans into consideration? Traveling with your friends can be a lot more complicated than you might think. You will all be experiencing something new or foreign and you will also be living in close quarters for extended periods of time. The friends you knew back home may not be the people you’re used to when you're put in a different environment.

It’s important that you and your friends have an honest and transparent conversation and planning session before moving forward with your travel plans. Being honest and upfront during the planning phase will ensure you don’t have disagreements on your vacation that end up being detrimental to your friendship.

Designate a Planner

Every friend group has that one person that likes to take control and get things done which can be extremely beneficial when planning a vacation. To some, planning an adventure and correlating all of the logistics of a vacation may seem overwhelming so assigning tasks based on the core strengths of your friend group is a great way to avoid added stress.

Having a designated planner to take care of things like flight reservations, tours, and outings is ideal but it doesn’t mean that one person should be responsible for planning the entire trip. It’s important that every member of the group has their say and contributes to the planning and execution of the vacation.

Agree on a Budget

In a perfect world, everyone on the trip will have similar financial means but that isn’t always the reality of the situation. Agreeing on a potential budget during the planning phase will help eliminate potential disagreements down the road. Determining how much money will need to be spent on things like accommodations, travel, food, and tours and activities may seem awkward at first but it will help you and your friends plan a vacation that aligns with everyone’s budget.

Consider Everyone’s Wants and Needs

When you’re planning a vacation with friends, it’s imperative that everyone weigh in and voice their preferences. You should make sure that everyone’s on the same page when any large decisions are being made so the entire group feels heard and included. Creating a travel itinerary and having everyone voice their preferences is a great way to make sure that everyone’s getting to do what they want to do.

Keep an Open Line of Communication

It’s natural for the occasional conflict to arise when you’re spending long periods of time in close quarters with your friends. What matters most is resolving the issue and making sure everyone’s happy and ready to move forward and enjoy the vacation. It’s always best to be upfront about any issues so you can resolve the minor inconvenience before it turns into a full-blown conflict. If you’re considerate, respectful, and make open communication a priority you’ll have absolutely nothing to worry about!

Be Flexible and Have Fun

Your main prerogative for any vacation should be to have a good time and a great way to ensure you have fun is to be flexible! You’re not going on a solo trip so you have to remember that you may not get to do everything on your list, and you may even have to do an activity or two that wouldn’t have been one of your first choices. If you go into it with an open mind and embrace flexibility, you’ll be sure to have a much more positive experience.

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