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Here Are 12 of The Coolest Coliving Spaces from Around the World:

Coliving is the ultimate way to experience the world and there is an endless list of beautiful spaces and destinations to choose from. Interested in learning more? Keep reading to check out some of the most epic coliving spaces from around the world!

Canggu Bali is a digital nomad mecca that hosts one of the most amazing coliving spaces in the world. Dojo Bali is a hub for thinkers, change-makers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, digital marketers, bloggers, podcasters, web developers, online consultants, coders, designers, writers, artists, and programmers!

If you’re looking to experience Bali with a community of like-minded individuals, then this is the destination for you. You can colive, cowork, collaborate, and enjoy a surfing lesson at the beach!

Jávea is a historic town on the beautiful Costa Blanca that hosts Sun and Co., a coliving space that hosts location independent individuals from all around the world. Sun and Co. intends to bring remote workers, digital nomads, and location- independent professionals together in an exciting new way.

If you’ve been wanting to travel to Spain, this is your chance to explore everything the Mediterranean Coast has to offer while meeting like-minded individuals and remaining productive.

Every year, thousands of digital nomad’s flock to Thailand for the heat, affordability, and creative environment. Kohub comes with amazing facilities, lightning-fast internet, and incomparable coworking spaces! It’s a fun and exciting oasis that is perfect for remote workers, digital nomads, or location independent professionals that are looking for a friendly community of like-minded people.

Koh Lanta is a small tropical island south of Thailand that is safe and relaxed. If you’ve been searching for the perfect place to unwind and get work done, then this is the perfect option.

Nine Coliving is a modern coliving and coworking space located in Tenerife Spain in the heart of the historical center of La Orotava. This space conveniently looks over the sea and the volcano El Teide. Nine Coliving also comes with a beautiful rooftop oasis that is perfect for meeting new friends or indulging in a BBQ.

Tenerife is known globally for beautiful beaches and warm sunny days, making it an extremely popular destination amongst digital nomads that are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Lisbon’s gorgeous weather, affordability, and relaxed vibes makes it an extremely popular destination amongst digital nomads. Same Same Creative is a vibrant coliving space that is conveniently located just between the bustling nightlife of the Bairro Alto and the charming streets of Alfama. You can expect to find movie nights, workshops, networking events, workspaces, and a whole host of other activities that allow you to thrive in your new environment.

If you’re looking to meet your future business partners or a group of life-long friends, Same Same Creative Coliving is the destination for you!

Singapore is a favorable destination amongst digital nomads because it's easily accessible to other countries in Asia and comes with many modern conveniences. Lyn Funan makes Singapore accessible to the average digital nomad by providing affordable coliving accommodations in the heart of the business district. Rooms are modern and bright, and you can expect fast and reliable internet throughout the entire space.

Chiang Mai Thailand is known globally for good eats, affordable accommodations, and sunny skies. Hub 53 has a great community atmosphere, reliable internet, and organized meet-up and networking events! This coliving space is great for entrepreneurs and digital nomads that are looking to experience the best Thailand has to offer with fellow travelers.

Taghazout Morocco is known for its beautiful beaches and zen atmosphere. Digital nomads, surfers, and yogis alike travel from all around the world to take advantage of the chill vibes and exciting nightlife. SunDesk has created the ultimate oasis for digital nomads in Taghazout that are looking to soak up the sun and stay connected with a solid WIFI connection.

Mexico City is unlike any other destination in the world. You can find amazing street food, warm weather, great shops and restaurants, and a lively nightlife! U-Co’s mission is to connect you with a solid community of like-minded travelers, so you don’t have to experience Mexico City alone. U-Co allows you to immediately connect with creatives, makers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads in a safe, and trendy environment. If you’ve been looking for a way to build a sense of community within a big city, U-Co is for you!

Flamingo is one of the most popular coliving spaces in Columbia which is largely attributed to its vibrant décor, convenient coworking spaces, and stunning rooftop garden. Medellin comes with affordable housing, a vibrant culture, a lively nightlife, and incredible food, making it a mecca for digital nomads that are looking for an unmatched experience.

If you’ve been looking for a space that allows you to immerse yourself in your surroundings, Flamingo is perfect for you. You can choose to take a Spanish lesson or work alongside other digital nomads on your next big project!

Ecuador comes with plenty of culture, history, and heritage. In addition to Ecuador’s rich history, Quito is located high up in the Andes, making it one of the most beautiful mountainous landscapes in the world.

Masaya Coliving is in a beautifully restored colonial building in the heart of the historical district of Quito that comes with plenty of quiet corners that can be used to get work done. The internet speed is fast and reliable meaning you won’t have to worry about securing a stable connection when you need to get work done.

Happy Pigeon is a trendy urban coliving space located in Berlin Germany. This Coliving space has multiple apartments scattered throughout the city and each one comes with trendy coworking spaces, lightning-fast internet, and digital nomads from all around the world.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect place to call home in Berlin, then this coliving space is for you. You can cowork, collaborate, and experience the hipster vibes of your dreams all in one place.

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