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How Starlink will Revolutionize Remote Work

What if you could work from any corner of the earth? A world in which connectivity flows freely may seem futuristic or incomprehensible but it may be closer than you think. SpaceX is presently leveraging their rocket and spacecraft engineering experience to innovate upon traditional connectivity and introduce the world's most advanced broadband internet system that will be accessible all around the world.

Starlink is every digital nomad and avid traveler's dream because lightning-fast internet and reliable connectivity is no longer a world away. We’re living in the future and being connected in exotic destinations or remote retreats is no longer an unrealistic possibility.

What is Starlink and How Does it Work?

Starlink is a satellite constellation development project spearheaded by SpaceX and Elon Musk in an attempt to develop low-cost, high performance satellites that serve as a never before seen spaceborne internet communication system.

Through SpaceX, Elon Musk intends to launch thousands of small Starlink satellites into space that will then be able to transmit extremely fast internet signals down to earth. These Starlink satellites will then act as a connectivity device for rural and hard to reach communities and destinations all around the world, making it possible for everybody everywhere to access premium internet.

For the first time in history, locations that have never been able to access the internet will have easy access to high-speed, broadband internet meaning the world wide web will be accessible in unimaginable, remote locations.

When the project becomes fully operational, Starlink will be able to offer internet access from virtually anywhere on the planet. Gone are the days of slow or inaccessible internet. You will soon be able to travel to any corner of the earth without hesitation. Staying connected and working from anywhere has never been easier.

When will Starlink Internet be Available?

Starlink is currently delivering beta services both domestically and internationally and will continue to include global coverage this year. SpaceX will continue to launch and install additional satellites and ground stations throughout 2021 that will improve networking software, data speed, latency, and uptime.

Starlink is presently available to a select number of users in certain coverage areas and requests are being filled on a first come, first- first served basis. If you’re interested in being part of the beta phase, you can click here. During the beta phase, users can expect data speeds between 50Mb/s to 150Mb/s and latency from 20ms to 40ms. Speed and latency will vary by location and improve as the project progresses.

Low Latency & Lightning Speed

Latency refers to the delay between the cause and effect of a physical change. In this case, latency is the time it takes to send data from one point to another or the speed at which the internet is being sent from the satellites in space to earth.

When satellites are far from earth, the latency is high meaning you may experience delays during activities that require information to be transmitted from one point to another. Common examples include video calls and online gaming. Starlink satellites are over 60 times closer to earth than traditional satellites meaning services that were not previously possible with traditional satellite internet access are now becoming more accessible.

Connecting Rural & Remote Communities

Starlink is making inaccessible locations from around the globe accessible by streamlining connectivity in hard-to-reach places. Starlink operates from satellites in space meaning Starlink doesn’t need traditional infrastructure on the ground to operate; making high-speed broadband internet accessible in locations where access has traditionally been unreliable or non-existent.

Take Remote Work Anywhere

In the past, remote workers were far and few between and having the opportunity to work remotely may not have been something you looked for or required when accepting a new job offer. The COVID-19 pandemic and a heightened level of awareness within the gig and freelance economy has launched the concept of remote work to the forefront of the job market.

Remote work enables freedom and makes it possible for people to live the life of their dreams while earning a consistent income. Starlink is taking the concept of remote work one step further by revolutionizing how and where we work by enabling us to stay connected from anywhere in the world.

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