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Your Insights are Helping us Shape the Future of Bunking

We recently conducted a survey where we heard from over 5,000 participants from around the world. We launched this survey with the intent of gaining a deeper understanding of the current travel landscape and to gain insights from various groups that will be used to shape the future of Bunking. It’s our intent to create a platform that appeals to our consumers needs and speaks to a pain point. That's why we took the time to analyze our participants' preferences, and devise conclusions that will be used to shape our consumers' personas.

Form Life-Long Connections with Like-Minded People

After analyzing the survey results, it became apparent that Generations Z and Young Millennials (Y) are more inclined to meet new people along the way and mingle with new cultures through adventure and collective experiences. We noted that these individuals are young and independent and don’t have any children, making it easy to travel and connect with new people that share similar interests and desires.

Generations Z and Young Millennials are open to exploring the unknown and coliving with like-minded people. Bunking could present a unique opportunity to bring shared experiences amongst these generations to another level by connecting them with kindred spirits to share epic experiences with. Soon, you will be able to take a surfing lesson, connect with locals, explore cultural activities, and cultivate life-long friendships through Bunking.

Relax and Unplug with Nature

Generations Z and Young Millennials define spirituality as enjoying life and relaxing with nature meaning the possibility of sharing a comfortable space that has access to outdoor activities is extremely important amongst this group. Although important, an excursion of this type is extremely expensive but not inaccessible with Bunking. Bunking could be leveraged in this scenario to connect people that share these same desires. Hosting a nature-centric experience through Bunking would make the experience more accessible and affordable.

An Epic Adventure Awaits

Generation Z and Millennials (Y) are adventurous thrill-seekers meaning accommodations paired with an adrenalin-pumping adventure would be right up their alley. This group likes to travel with friends and make new connections along the way, meaning they are open to cultivating new connections while they travel. We also took the time to dive into the interests of these groups so we could learn more about what activities they seek and crave when they set out for an adventure. We took each and every response into consideration so we can make sure to create a tailored experience that not only speaks to our consumers' pain points, but also exceeds their expectations.

We’re up to Something Exciting!

Bunking will be a revolutionary platform that will change the way people interact and experience new things. We are presently in stealth mode, designing an extraordinary platform through design thinking that will redefine coliving and revolutionize shared living by creating more meaningful human connections. Interested in learning more? Click here.

We are currently fundraising and can’t wait to get in touch! If this interests you, please head over to our investor portal to contact us.

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