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What Bunking Ventures brings to the table:

  • Bringing, our Like-Minded Living technology to the table offers the potential to bring in 30-40% revenue increases through our curated groups of Like-Minded Living accommodation rentals compared to traditional 

  • Network and team in remote countries (tradespeople, lenders, legal, accounting, marketing)

  • Tracking market data and trends

  • Performing due diligence on properties to ensure they are suitable for Like-Minded Living and limit any surprises

  • Obtaining anything required to close on properties (mortgage, insurance etc)


  • Managing the property with tenants or working/sourcing property management.

  • Designing and bringing the property to the highest value through curating the ideal groups of Like-Minded guests.

  • Keeping track of property financials

  • Running operations by managing repairs, payment distributions, refinancing timing and ways to reduce vacancy


Investors Role In the Deal

  • Investors to review package to evaluate understand the opportunity

  • Seek or waive legal advice on the opportunity.

  • Ensure funds are provided to Bunking Ventures at the due date.

  • Review, understand and seek clarification on status reports.

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