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Are You New to Coliving? Here are 4 Things That You Can do to Enhance Your Experience:

One of the most important parts of coliving is community and being part of a community means having access to friendship, support, and encouragement. Coliving boasts tons of unique benefits like affordable housing in prime locations, great coworking spaces, and most importantly, a built-in community.

It’s all about fostering connections and sharing experiences with like-minded people meaning it’s imperative to have fun and enjoy the experience. Your coliving experience might lead to a life-long friendship, a new business venture, or even a trove of prized memories so it's important to welcome the experience with open arms.

Like any community, being respectful is key while coliving because it creates an environment that fosters safety and expression. Check out the following tips to learn how you can promote trust, safety, and mental wellbeing amongst your coliving peers.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

When you’re living with multiple people, it’s natural for the occasional conflict to arise. Communicating openly with your peers when something happens is a great way to resolve a small conflict or inconvenience before it turns into a full-on conflict. It’s always best to be upfront instead of being passive aggressive when confronting your peers. Not communicating openly may cause confusion or throw off the entire atmosphere within the home. If you’ve politely communicated your discontent and you haven’t been able to resolve the issue, you may need to get the house manager or property supervisor involved.

Abide by the House Rules

House rules exist to make sure that everyone in the coliving space has a positive experience. There may be designated quiet times or certain rules that you agree to abide by when you decide to live in a shared space and these rules exist to keep everything running smoothly and to make sure everyone is comfortable and content.

Be Conscious of your Surroundings

Something that you should keep in mind while coliving is that you’re sharing the space with other people and these other people are all trying to live their lives peacefully. When living in a shared space, there are certain things that you may have to take into consideration that you might not have thought of if you were living alone.

Something that you can do to be more mindful of the people around you is to mute noisy notifications, alarms, or calls. If you’re working in a coworking space or shared space where others may be working, turning your volume down on your devices or opting for a vibrate option may be best. Work and sleep are essentials to almost everybody so minimizing distractions or loud noises that may disrupt your peers is a great way to be respectful and show you care.

Embrace your Environment

Embracing coliving is a great way to meet like-minded people and form life-long connections. Connecting with your peers through meals, networking events, coffee chats, or even work is a great way to enhance your coliving experience.

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