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Diversify Your Portfolio with a Lucrative Shared Living Property

Shared living properties offer accessible, affordable housing solutions for city dwellers in urban areas or destination locations that are looking to experience everything life has to offer while forging life-long connections with like-minded people. Although intimidating from a glance, the future is bright for coliving.

Coliving and shared accommodation spaces are continuing to present a lucrative investment opportunity for real estate investors that are looking to expand their portfolio of diversified properties.

Increasing Demand for Affordable Housing

Demand for affordable housing is on the rise, and Gen Z and young millennials are increasingly looking for ways to connect with their counterparts to combat loneliness. Coliving or shared living speaks to both, enabling renters or guests to find affordable housing while connecting with like-minded people.

Many factors play a role in increasing demand, including the current cost of living. Despite a steady increase in rental costs, wages have remained stagnant and have yet to catch up with inflation. Gen Z and young millennials frequently flock to major city centres to pursue careers and take advantage of the many benefits that urban life has to offer and coliving or shared residential spaces are a cost-effective alternative for Gen Z and young millennials that are searching for affordable accommodations in these major city centres.

Increased Revenue When Compared to Multifamily Investments

Coliving or shared living offers several advantages when compared to multifamily investments. Renters or guests profit from benefits like reduced rent, access to group activities or networking events, and the opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded people whereas investors benefit from an increased net operating income. When a multifunctional coliving property is compared to a similar dwelling that has not yet been optimized for shared living, it becomes apparent that the probability for maximum profitability becomes much lower.

A coliving of shared accommodation dwelling boasts the opportunity to rent from a space or bed standpoint as opposed to renting the entire property meaning the aggregate of rental income that is being generated by renting out individual rooms or beds to single tenants is much larger than if the entire property was to be rented to a single family.

Increasing Demand for Genuine Human Connection

Loneliness is at an all-time high with Gen Z and young millennials combating extreme feelings of isolation and distress as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Coliving or shared living accommodations offer a unique opportunity to create a sense of community with habitants and investors alike choosing to capitalize on the growing shift towards a mobilized populace that continues to favor embracing principles that are based on the circular or sharing economy.

Gen Z and young millennials are frequently choosing to live in a communal space not only because of their affordability but also because they create a strong sense of community. Shared common areas, curated experiences, and life-long connections are just a few reasons why coliving proves to be a popular alternative to traditional housing.

We’re Building The World’s Most Loved Shared Living Brand

Bunking Ventures specializes in offering shared living accommodations to like-minded people in destination locations around the world. Presently acquiring one billion in real estate over the next five years, Bunking Ventures will offer premium returns on investment to all Joint Venture Partners.

Our parent company, Bunking is a social marketplace that connects like-minded people through flexible shared living stays and once in a lifetime travel experiences. Bunking will leverage matchmaking technology to connect users with a group of people that share their interests and match their energy.

This innovative concept will have major impacts on the growing trend of remote working, lone traveling, shared living, and networking. Background checks will ensure the safety of Members, while shared spaces will offer an affordable living and traveling solution without any additional cost to the Host. While building Bunking, we continue to gain insights into high demand destinations and popular interests so the information can be leveraged to keep rooms full and customers happy.

Why Bunking Ventures?

Bunking Ventures offers several investment opportunities, including Joint Ventures and Equity Investments in different portfolios. Bunking Ventures acts as the working partner, taking care of sourcing, vetting, and financing the investment properties. Bunking Ventures is also responsible for day-to-day management including tenant placement, property management, renovations, and maintenance. When partnering with Bunking Ventures, you will be provided with regular financial reports, transparent accounting, and regular check-in meetings so you feel confident in your investment.


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